What is design? One website describes it as “the process of envisioning and planning the creation of objects, interactive systems, buildings, vehicles, etc. It user-centered, i.e. users are at the heart of the design and thinking approach.

That is what you will find here.. Examples of design and thought process. Everything is Art and we all are artistic in different ways.. so we invite you to share your art with us.

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Who are we?

  • Design company currently in South Africa
  • A group of “free-spirited” individuals 🙂
  • Are you trustworthy? What do you do with my information?

We do not store, share or sell your information. Doing so would go against all that we are and believe in- equality, moral integrity and treating people with dignity. You might ask then “what have you done to protect peoples information in the public domain?” Your information stays where you wish to have it displayed ( for more in-depth info read this.

Contact us on telegram if you think someone has been harassing you. @designitforyou

  1. Our site isn’t monitored by bots ( at least- we don’t give them access )
  2. Adhere to strict guidelines given by other agencies and law enforcement.
  3. We are human 🙂 guided by loove.

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